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Booking the trip

The unbelievably true story of an impossible chain of events

Before I start, I must emphasise how astoundingly true this story is. I'm still in awe of how these events unfolded. I hope my vivid recap brings you some enjoyment.

It all started with a tug from that old travel bug.

It was the 21st April, the day before Good Friday. I was dropping my parents off at the airport before uni.
They had decided to take advantage of the fact that, with Good Friday, Easter Monday and Anzac day falling together, there would be a 5 day public holiday over Easter. So they were going to Fiji. Yay for them. Riley had also gone off without me; a boys trip around Tasmania on their motorbikes. Yay for him, too. It's not that I wasn't happy for them, but I'M the one who's been harping on about how much I want to travel, I'M the one who had to postpone my trip a whole year because of uni (mine) and work (his) commitments. Yet everyone BUT me was going on holidays. :( I was sad.

So, to cheer myself up, instead of listening to a very boring 9am lecture, I went on webjet.com to see how the flights to Thailand were looking. I was hoping to see that the $800 budget flights (yes, that's the cheapest I could find them) were on special. Also, Riley had mentioned a new budget airline, airasia, so I checked them out as well.

I had to look twice. Then maybe a third time. Jetstar was having a MASSIVE Asia flights sale! One way Melbourne to Bangkok for $220! The flight back was about $450 though, so I wasn't looking to save much. Then I checked Airasia. This time I had to check a fourth, fifth, tenth time. $280 one way from Phuket to Melbourne. $500 return. $500 Return! $500 DOLLARS RETURN!!!!!! I don't know how I didn't squeal in class. I really don't. I'm squealing now just thinking about it!

So then I looked at the geckos site, to read through the awesome trip that I now HAD to go on. What do I see on the Geckos site? Surely not ANOTHER conveniently timed sale? Surely NOT a sale on trips IN ASIA! I though for sure it would exclude my trip. Or travel in December. Or not be guaranteed to depart, or something. There were so many things that were bound to go wrong, and it was just a $100 saving.... I clicked through, page by page, until I reached our preferred tour date, 3rd December. Yes; not ONLY was it included in the sale, but it was GUARANTEED TO DEPART!

Deciding that it was about time to cool down and come back to reality, I logged on to internet banking, thinking for sure Westpac would confirm that booking would be out of the question. This time, my mouth fell open. Do you know what a $500 flight plus a now $700 tour is? Do you know how much pay was deposited for all my (very well paid) hours of marking exams was? Let's just say that I could go out and buy myself a celebratory cocktail with the leftovers. Mind you, this all happened in the space of a coupe of hours. That was it. Fate had decided I was going to Thailand. Now I just had to convince Riley.

It's now 12 hours later. No, Tasmania is not a different country. No, Riley did not forget his phone. I just flat out could not reach him. It turns out, between the terrible reception and Riley forgetting his charger, he was out of reach until the following morning. But there I am, Thursday night, home alone, with just a laptop, my boyfriend's voicemail, and the biggest urge to spend a large sum of money in my life! Then my stomach sank. When do these sales end? I check the Jetstar site. This was meant to end days ago! It's clearly been extended. Hopefully it'll still be on tomorrow. Oh GOD let it still be on tomorrow. Then I check the Geckos site. Sale ends 21st. Of April. 21st April. Thursday the 21st of April. Thursday TODAY the 21st of April!!!! My heart was now racing.

Then, I think I may have gone a little crazy. Was it the great deals? Was it everyone else being on holiday but me? Was it a weird defiance to Riley that I didn't NEED his permission (granted, he would need to take time off work, so I really did need his permission) All I know is, I clicked 'book tour now'. I thought, 'I'm just going to have a look. Maybe there's a small deposit. Maybe I can argue with them tomorrow that it cut out mid booking.' Who knows. I select my preferred date. I entered my details. I looked at the payment options.

If you think the jaw dropping, shockingly amazing, absurdly fortunate moments were over, you're going to be as astounded as I was. The payment options were as follows.

Pay in full (damn)
Pay 10% (Maybe I should secure it...)
Pay later (..............what?)

Pay later. Pay. Later. Pay. Later. Paylaterpaylaterpaylaterpaylaterpaylater. I COULD BOOK IT NOW!
With a shaking fervor (and by now, a glass of scotch), I clicked 'book now pay later' faster than I click refresh on eBay, and before I knew it, I was staring at the confirmation email. It was done.

By now I realised I was probably going a little crazy. I let it click over to midnight, checked to make sure Jetstar was still on sale (of COURSE it still was) and went to bed.

Friday goes by. Still just voicemail. To pass the time I ring my friend Laura to chat and generally take my mind off it. We're three hours in to a winding discussion when the call waiting goes off. It's Riley. I'm not sure if Laura could actually understand me, but I squealed something about it being Riley and switched to his call. He was calm, having fun. Sorry about the phone. Did he finish his first sentence? I can't remember. I relayed the whole story. and then begged. Please let me book. Please?!? Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?!?!?!

He wasn't happy. I was putting him on the spot. I knew it. But I was NOT letting this go. He didn't actually say ok. He said, I'll call my boss, and I said bye and he hung up. I paced like a madwoman, and 3 years later (maybe 5 minutes?) He called back.

"Book it."
No hello. No suspense. Just two words. "Book it."
"Yes seriously. We can go"
I think I exploded.

I WAS GOING TO THAILAND! I WAS GOING TO THAILAND! I WAS GOING TO THAILAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I managed to calm myself down enough to ask him how his trip was going, and all that jazz, then I hung up (with a million 'i love you's) and then..... I booked it.

I eventually managed to call Laura back and we squealed together. I was a ball of energy. I couldn't believe it. After over a YEAR of planning, it was finally happening.

And that's how I booked my trip to Thailand.
If that's just how exciting booking the trip is, imagine what the trip is going to be like?

In case you can't tell......... I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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